Cory Leduc 519-441-3707. Counselling

Cory Leduc 519-441-3707. Counselling2018-11-19T16:47:59+00:00

Individual & Family Counselling at the Clinton Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

Cory Leduc provides counselling services for all ages and any problems you would like help working through. A healthy mind helps keep a healthy body!

Life, Essence, Determination, Understanding & Change

Have you been feeling down? Do you worry a lot? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you having relationship problems? Are you feeling angry? There is help and hope.

Cory is a therapist who works with adolescents, adults, couples and families. Together, you can identify what is happening in your life, understand how your life is affected by issues you are experiencing and find ways to cope with, manage or resolve those issues. He uses a client-centred approach in counselling to build a trusting and supportive relationship through empowerment to make positive changes.

Cory Leduc can be reached at his confidential personal line – 519‑441‑3707.